Monday, November 30, 2009

Larry's papers

Going through Larry Itliong's old correspondence that is stored at Wayne State University UFW archives. Seems that Philip Vera Cruz, one of the Pinoy VPs of the UFW and Larry had disagreements. In a letter to Pete Velasco, Larry writes, "Brother Philip and I have never hit it right altho (sp) God knows I try my best to adjust myself to gain his trust and confidence."

Was it disagreements among the Filipino leaders of the UFW that also led to their diminishing potency with the UFW?

We have the actual hand-written draft of the wire informing the UFW that Larry was quitting. And the UFW's telegram back acknowledging his resignation. It's all very civil, no bad words, only blessings. This was on October 15th 1971.

Yet I'm just reading now another letter typed on September 8th, 1967 that Larry writes to Cesar Chavez apologizing for telling the members he resigned before telling the UFW Board. This appears to be one of the "many resignations" that Andy Imutan referred to in his interview with us. I'll have to look through the transcript with Dolores Huerta and Richard Chavez to see if they concur with Andy on the multiple resignations of Larry. What does this mean about Larry that he would quit the union many times? Were their legimate reasons for him being so disgruntled?

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