Monday, November 23, 2009

And the first day of editing begins

It starts with a paper edit. three column script with Video, Ideas and Audio that I've created. I've got the Video which consist of all the names of the photographs and film, video archival materials which we've gathered so far, and then the idea, which is basically the outline of the documentary in each cell, then the audio which is the different quotes from the interviews we've gotten so far. If you're interested in learning how to create a documentary, then you're interested in that.

Andy is starting to lay this off into a sequence, and I'm basically now actually motivated to start reading some of the amazing material we gathered at Wayne State University last year when we traveled to Detroit.

I've got this amazing flyer that says, "Elect Larry D. Itliong for Dipatcher Local #37, ILWU." It's got this great photo of Larry with a round panama hat, sporting a thin mustache, Clark Gable style. "Militant. Frank. Capable" it says at the bottom. Got to think about how to use that. Also have a few letters written in Tagalog that he's written to some people.

Wondering how to use the information I find out about him from these letters which were part of the Larry Itliong papers at Wayne State University. How do I paint a picture of what he was like. From the sounds of some of the letters, he did a lot of fundraising, more than he imagined he would as co-director of the UFW. He was after all the most experienced with working with large labor groups, so he often did the asking.

I feel like I need someone who was more of a peer, who can tell some great anecdotes about Larry. Jonny did a great job of talking about his father, but I also need someone who was working with him too.

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