Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Figured out the documentary length.

We've decided to make the documentary a 30 minute program. Why is that a big deal to decide? Well, it's a financial, creative and and ego-driven decision. Financially it will be cheaper to pay for post-production, editing, graphics, music and licensing for a shorter program. Not THAT much cheaper but a little bit. Then it's easier to do the creative and compelling documentary in half an hour. You leave the audience learning something but still craving for more information. This is a good thing, rather than having them watch something for an hour and be bored by it. And finally, as a filmmaker I would love to have something that is an hour-long program, which makes it feel like a substantial film piece, I think the best thing for the piece is that it's usable for educational purposes. HUGE. This is the end goal, really. We need the younger generations to watch this to watch this in class, to discuss this. To get some filipino american history into their noggins and feel good about themselves as filipinos. Very important.

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